Spirit Filled Wings 501(c)(3) 

About Us

Spirit Filled Wings is a non profit raptor rehabilitation center where orphaned and/or injured raptors receive medical care, food, housing and conditioning, with the goal of releasing the raptor back into the wild.

Linda Born is a federally licensed raptor rehabilitator, and founded Spirit Filled Wings to help with the cost of medical supplies, veterinary care, and food for the raptors in her care.

Spirit Filled Wings does not receive funding from the State of Michigan or the USF&WS and depends solely on donations from people like you.

Spirit Filled Wings provides non surgical medical care on site, hosts an inside hospital area, and outside aviary.  Spirit Filled Wings receives and cares for well over 100 birds annually.

If you would like more information, contact Linda @ Pira1252@aol.com or text a message to Linda @ 248-953-5690

Outside Aviaries include 6 rehab cages (also known as, mews) all designed to meet the needs of all species of raptors with handi-cap platforms, moving perches, areas for hunting live prey, etc, as well as, a 50' flight/conditioning cage.


Spirit Filled Wings Aviary

Inside a Raptor Mew
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