The educational birds at SFW's are not trained (to fly over head, or eat on command), rather they are ambassadors of their species and when not educating, they enjoy a life of being free-lofted (in a mew to do as they please). 

Spirit Filled Wings 501(c)(3) 

Educational Programs

Spirit Filled Wings believes that part of the process of rehabiliation is educating the public on, how we can  live with our wild neighbors, the importance of raptors, how to promote respect for wildlife, and how to protect our environment and the habitat of all animals.

An example of programs offered:

*Keeping Wild Animals Wild

*Hawk Migration

*What is Raptor Rehabilitation?

*All About Owls

Educational programs include visual presentations, props, visual aides, and live birds, and can be customized to meet age requirements and interests.

Small, on site, programs are available.  Please remember, all programs are funded by donations, as well as, the rehabilitation of the birds brought to

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