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Found An Injured Raptor?

What To Do if You Find an Injured Raptor

Call or text Spirit Filled Wings

PLEASE be patient and, do not panic.   I provide rehab services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so I may be busy and you may need to wait for a call back.  Please know that I will call you back, as soon as I can.

What not to Do:

*Do not remove the bird unless you can verify the bird is injured or orphaned, or the bird is in immediate danger.
*Do not release the bird to a non-federally licensed person
*Do not attempt to feed the bird
*Do not draw attention to the bird

If you already have the bird in your possession, do not feed the bird.  Put the bird in a cardboard box (or other soft-sided box).  Do not put in a wire cage.
Cover container and put in a dark, quiet place, away from people, pets & noise. 
Do not photograph the bird, or display the bird, as this will cause unnecessary stress on the bird. If you have already taken a picture of the bird, you may send the photo along with your text message to 248-953-5690.  DO identify yourself with name and phone number, (if you send a photo) or I cannot respond.

If you need to contain the bird
Walk slowly up to the raptor and gently lay a cloth over the bird.  (something the size and weight of a round table cloth for large birds, a pillowcase for smaller birds)  The bird should remain calm beneath the cloth.  Immediately contact a professional for assistance in picking up and transferring the bird.

*Special Note:
If you need assistance with small mammals or song birds, you may contact, Dr. Jill Pasternak, via text at 586-604-2251
Leave your name, phone number, and species. 

Thank You!
 To find a rehabilitator near you, go to http://www.michigandnr.com/dlr/
for a list of rehabilitators in your area. 

(Michigan Department of Natural Resources)

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